Apr 14

Fighting for a Living Wage and a Livable Planet

CClIvx5WIAABjYuIt was great to see such a strong climate justice contingent at today’s ‪#‎WageAction‬ ‪#‎Fight4Fifteen‬ march. Economic and climate justice are intimately linked — as Bill McKibben said today, there’s no such thing as a living wage on a dead planet! Better Future Project staff, 350 Mass volunteers, and student divestment activists joined community groups, labor unions and faith communities from across Massachusetts for a massive march and rally. Tens of thousands of others will join Fight for Fifteen rallies and mobilizations across the globe tomorrow — stay tuned! 

Thank you to everyone who was there!

Apr 14

Harvard Heat Week Kicks Off

11116755_819732638075721_1276854156_nHarvard Heat Week is officially underway — at this moment, students, alumni and faculty are blockading Massachusetts Hall to demand that Harvard divest from fossil fuels. The blockade will continue all week, along with an amazing line-up of rallies, speakers, and more — check out the full schedule here! The week will culminate with a final rally in Harvard Yard on April 17. Join us as we celebrate the recent successes of the divestment movement and commit ourselves to continuing to push for radical action on climate change!
WHAT: Harvard Heat Week Closing Rally
WHEN: Fri, April 17, 6pm – 7pm
WHERE: Science Center Plaza, Harvard, Cambridge

Apr 12

The Divestment Movement Fights Back at Boston College

On Sunday, April 12,19828_10153225888398699_8512913127083311297_n hundreds of people disrupted admitted students day at Boston College, marching through campus to call for fossil fuel divestment and protest the administration’s repression of free speech. BC administrators have been cracking down on student activists, even placing students on disciplinary probation for participating in a peaceful divestment rally. Students from other schools and off-campus supporters gathered to remind Boston College that no matter how many students they punish, they can’t stop the divestment movement! Check out some of the great photos from the event here.

Apr 07

RSVP for the 350Mass Campaign Summit

campaign summit social media image copyOur campaign goals are ambitious: divestment from fossil fuels, an end to new fossil fuel infrastructure in Massachusetts, carbon pricing, and more. To win, we need to bring new people into our movement -– which means that we need to find new ways to talk about climate change. On April 11, we’ll develop the tools that we need to recruit new members and motivate them to action. We’ll practice talking about climate change and telling the story of our own activism. We’ll identify shared values for our network, and we’ll work together to craft compelling campaign narratives rooted in those values. By the end of the day, we’ll be ready to lead successful campaigns –- and win over even our most stubborn relatives and Facebook friends to the cause of climate justice. RSVP now! 
WHAT: 350Mass Campaign Summit
WHEN: Sat, April 11, 10am – 3pm
WHERE: 875 Main Street, Worcester
RSVP here.

Apr 02

Call Governor Baker — Ask Him to Oppose the Gas Tariff!

charlie baker taxes memeGovernor Charlie Baker is dead set against new taxes — even to provide much-needed revenue for the T. And yet he is considering a new fee, paid by electricity and gas consumers, to pay for new fossil fuel pipelines! It’s outrageous.

Baker is meeting with his fellow governors in the next few weeks to discuss the pipeline proposals. Give him a call at (617) 725-4005 and tell him to oppose the so-called gas tariff! You can find a call script here. 

Once you’ve called, tell us how it went by filling out the form here! 

Mar 27

Join Us to Tell President Obama: You Vetoed, Now Reject

kxl posterPresident Obama is visiting Boston for an event at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the US Senate on Monday morning. By now, you probably know the drill: if President Obama’s in Boston, we’ll be there to greet him. Another presidential visit, another #NoKXL rally — it’s all in a day’s work. 

This time, though, everything’s different. After years of fighting, our grassroots movement just won a major victory: on February 24, President Obama vetoed a bill that would have required him to approve the Keystone XL pipeline. He could be just a few days away from rejecting the pipeline once and for all. 

Victory is so close that we can practically taste it. We’re hoping this will be the last #NoKXL bird-dog in Boston — or anywhere else.

Join us — RSVP now!

WHAT: #NoKXL Rally to Greet President Obama 
 Meet at the JFK / UMass T stop, Columbia Rd exit, at 9:00 am 
Mon, March 30, 9:00am – 10:15am (meet at the T stop at 9:00 am and we’ll head over to the rally site together)
RSVP now!

See you there!

Mar 25

Help #SaveCapeWind Take Over Twitter

button best (finally!)When we first kicked off the campaign to save Cape Wind, we set an ambitious goal: we wanted to reach 1,000 petition signatures by the end of February. 

We’re big believers in beating our goals, but 110,000? Definitely didn’t see that one coming. 

Over the past two months, our last-ditch effort to save Cape Wind has built tremendous momentum. We held a huge rally on Boston Common on February 28, and thanks to our friends at CREDO Action, more than 110,000 people have now signed a petition calling on National Grid to save Cape Wind. 

We met with National Grid executives in Massachusetts a few weeks ago. Now, we’re getting in touch with their boss, the London-based CEO Steve Holliday. He needs to know about the public outcry prompted by his company’s decision to withdraw their contract with Cape Wind. 

Click here to tell National Grid CEO Steve Holliday that more than 100,000 people are calling on his company to save Cape Wind! 

Hundreds of people have already tweeted at Holliday, and we’re only just getting started. The more people contact him on Twitter, the more pressure he’ll feel to respond. Join us! 

Don’t have a Twitter account? Don’t worry – you can set one up in just a minute by following the instructions here. No specialized skills required!

Mar 13

Great Barrington Passes Pro-Divestment Resolution

12 towns say divest

On March 9, the Great Barrington Select Board voted unanimously to pass a pro-divestment resolution! The resolution states the select board’s support for the bill to divest the state pension fund from fossil fuels.

In late February, Gary Stoller, the divestment coordinator for 350Mass Berkshires, had presented to the Select Board about the climate crisis and the history of successful divestment movements in the United States.

12 towns and cities in Massachusetts, including Boston, Cambridge and Framingham, have now passed resolutions in favor of fossil fuel divestment.

Congratulations to 350Mass Berkshires! Read more about our efforts to divest towns and cities across Massachusetts here. 


Mar 09

FERC Approves Spectra’s AIM Pipeline Expansion

11037641_350855661779092_130404850903308341.090038On March 3, FERC issued an official permit to Spectra Energy’s effort to expand the Algonquin Pipeline (the Algonquin Incremental Market expansion, or AIM). The pipeline runs from New York through Connecticut and Rhode Island to Massachusetts, and the proposed project involves expanding the Burrillville, RI compressor station and building a new stretch of lateral pipeline in West Roxbury. Expanding the pipeline would expose local communities to the risk of explosions and accidents while deepening our reliance on polluting natural gas.

The fight against this project is not over! Our allies at FANG (Fighting Against Natural Gas) just organized a three-day march against the pipeline, earning coverage from The Boston GlobeThe Providence JournalWPRO, and more, while the Stop West Roxbury Lateral Pipeline group is considering legal action. Stay tuned for updates!

Mar 09

New Compressor Station Proposed in Weymouth — Join the Fight!

imagesSpectra Energy just can’t get enough of pipeline expansions! In addition to the Algonquin Incremental Market (AIM) expansion, they’re proposing a second expansion of their existing pipeline network in MA. The proposed expansion, also known as the “Atlantic Bridge” project, would require the construction of a new compressor station in Weymouth. 

South Shore residents are mobilizing to stop this polluting and unnecessary project! There will be a training session on Saturday, March 14, location TBD, led by Bill Manter, who has been part of the grassroots resistance to the Kinder Morgan pipeline. Manter will discuss the basics of pipeline opposition and help people prepare for the open houses that Spectra Energy is planning to hold over the next few weeks!  To learn more, click here, or contact SouthShore@350ma.org and/or Alice Arena, aliceandrob@comcast.net. 

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