350 Massachusetts, a Better Future Project (“350MA”), is building a thriving, volunteer-led, statewide movement to address the urgency of the climate crisis. 350MA organizes and executes grassroots campaigns that advance a just transition away from fossil fuels toward sustainable energy practices and an atmospheric carbon-dioxide concentration of less than 350 parts per million. 350MA’s campaigns are distinguished by excellence in direct action, political advocacy, and diverse alliances.

In support of its mission, 350MA engages residents across Massachusetts, inviting them to become 350MA Node Team Members who participate in 350MA campaigns and support 350MA best practices. In addition, 350MA Node Team Members may participate in local initiatives consistent with the goals and principles of 350MA. 350MA Nodes, Node Campaign Teams, Best practices teams, State Wide Steering Team, and Local Initiatives are defined in 350MA Network Structure and Roles. 350MA cooperates with other state-level 350 networks in New England and beyond that carry out state and regional campaigns.


The Statewide 350MA Network

  • Provides Massachusetts individuals, organizations, and businesses easy pathways to get involved in the climate movement;
  • Quickly and effectively mobilizes Massachusetts in local, regional, national, and international actions and events;
  • Provides communication pathways and co-creative opportunities between 350 groups across the Commonwealth and in the New England region;
  • Gives visibility to the 350 movement in Massachusetts.

350MA is expanding!  We have nodes across Massachusetts and are in the process of adding more.  Each node provides representatives to participate in statewide decision making who are also points of contact for node activities:

  • Berkshires - Ellie Johnston, Nina Ryan – Berkshires@350MA.org
  • Boston – Andree Zaleska, Sarah Byrnes – Boston@350MA.org
  • Cambridge – Kate Toomey, Alexis Rizzuto – Cambridge@350MA.org
  • Lowell – Jay Mason, Scott Wright – Lowell@350MA.org
  • North Shore – Sarai Zelada, Sue Kirby – NorthShore@350MA.org
  • Pioneer Valley – Shanti Gaia, Susan Theberge – PioneerValley@350MA.org
  • MetroWest – Bob Morrison, Kaat Vander Straeten – MetroWest@350MA.org
  • South Shore – Turner Bledsoe, Joan Bledsoe – SouthShore@350MA.org
  • Worcester – Carolyn Barthel, Lisa Mosczynski – Worcester@350MA.org

Nodes for Cape Cod and South Coast are also planned. Want to be a part of a node in your area? Contact the address above nearest you or coordinator@350ma.org. Other questions or comments? Feel free to contact Statewide 350MA Coordinator, Malcolm David Bliss, at malcolm@350ma.org.


Arts and Culture

Warren Senders is 350MA Director of Arts and Culture Productions. Warren organizes a network of visual and performing artists, and produces cultural events to confront the climate crisis.  For more information on arts and culture productions, please email ArtsAndCulture@350ma.org.



In addition to this newsletter, which goes to thousands of addresses every Monday at mid-day, 350MA offers many ways to communicate and collaborate electronically. The 350MA website provides reference and community information. Rallyware is an easy way for anyone to share information and task assignments within the 350MA network. To register for Rallyware, please click here. If you haven’t already “liked” 350MA’s Facebook page, please check it out and “like” it. The 350 Massachusetts Google Groups (350ma-announce@googlegroups.com and 350ma-discuss@googlegroups.com) are self-moderated listserves available to all. Finally, follow 350MA on Facebook (facebook.com/350Mass), twitter (@350Mass), and Climate Beat (350ma.org/climatebeat). For any comments about communication facilities, please contact coordinator@350ma.org.


General Inquiries

For general inquiries, contact us at coordinator@350ma.org.


350MA and Better Future Project

350MA was founded by Better Future Project (BFP) in 2012 as a statewide volunteer network. Since its founding, the 350MA has been facilitated by staff of BFP, which is a 501(c)(3) organization. BFP staff has been fundamental to 350 MA’s development and 350MA has become a living example of BFP’s commitment to building a movement to confront the climate crisis and use of fossil fuels. This arrangement has produced exciting results and it is anticipated to continue into the indefinite future.


350MA and 350.org

350MA’s goals and mission are similar to those of 350.org except that 350MA is focused on Massachusetts. Both 350MA and 350.org consider themselves as part of one common climate movement. While goals and mission of 350MA are similar to those of 350.org and the two have benefited from coordinated efforts, 350.org and 350MA are organizationally separate and distinct. It is anticipated that both 350MA and 350.org will continue to benefit from coordinated efforts without organizational integration.