350 Massachusetts (“350MA”) is Better Future Project’s volunteer-led statewide climate action network. 350MA is made up of hundreds of engaged activists who work with the media, organize events, educate their communities, lobby lawmakers, and more. 350MA is currently focusing on three specific statewide campaigns:

1) Stop New Fossil Fuel Infrastructure 

2) Divestment from Fossil Fuels

3) Carbon Tax

In addition to the three statewide priority campaigns, 350MA volunteers work on a number of local initiatives, including efforts to pass a carbon tax, improve public transportation, and more. Want to get involved? Use this map to find the node closest to you, and click here to sign up for our weekly newsletter.

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 2.05.31 PMBetter Future Project created 350MA in June 2012 and continues to support 350MA. Although 350MA is closely aligned with the mission and values of 350.org, it is not part of 350.org, but rather is a part of Better Future Project. More information about the structure of 350MA is available here.

Rallyware is an easy way for anyone to share information and task assignments within the 350MA network. To register for Rallyware, please click here.

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For general inquiries, contact Marla Marcum, Director of Programs for Better Future Project, marla@betterfutureproject.org.

For media inquiries, contact Emily Kirkland, Communications Coordinator for Better Future Project, emily@betterfutureproject.org.

If you’re interested specifically in visual and performing arts, contact Warren Senders, ArtsAndCulture@350ma.org.