Jan 27

And now, to Washington D.C.!

Approximately 1500 people descended on Portland, ME on Saturday, Jan. 26th, from all corners of New England to oppose the northeast Enbridge Exxon Tar Sands pipeline that would run from Montreal to Portland, via Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. The march and rally got great press coverage and confirmed that a powerful climate movement is alive and well in New England!

Now, lets get ready to tell President Obama that we will not accept TransCanada’s plans to build the KeystoneXL pipeline in America’s heartland.

Join the February 17th march and rally in Washington D.C!

Bus to DC from Boston: Sign up here. We are offering bus departure and return locations from Harvard Square and Alewife, and likely J.P. if there is enough interest. Departure times are 6AM or 10PM (overnight bus) on Saturday the 16th, and the return bus will leave D.C. at 10PM (overnight bus only) on Sunday the 17th. Please pay and sign up at the above link for as many seats as you wish at the price you wish and after you have paid, you will be prompted to indicate your bus departure preferences. One way tickets are available. If you cannot attend the rally but want to contribute, please use the same page to donate a seat to someone who needs financial aid to come. Please see link for more details, and email Sophie at sophie@350ma.org for questions after you have carefully read the info provided at the Eventbrite page.

Other buses in MA:

-Hampshire College: Details coming soon!

-Greenfield: It will leave Saturday morning from Greenfield on Saturday, Feb 16th in the morning, make a stop in Northampton, and arrive in D.C. in the evening around 5 pm.  If full, the seats will be ~$75.  Email  lelloden@gmail.com or andrew.kurowski@gmail.com for more information.

-Northampton: It will leave Northampton from the Peter Pan bus station on Round Hill Plaza, departing at 10:30 and arriving on the mall at about 7 a.m. It will depart at around 5:30 p.m., returning to Northampton at about 1:30 a.m.  The cost is $85 full fair, $45 for students. See link for more details and to pay/sign up.

Massachusetts Ride Share to DC: Click here to request or offer a ride to DC.

Overnight Housing Options in DC on February 16th: Click here to explore housing options for Saturday night if you plan to take a morning bus

Bus to DC from Vermont: Sign up here. We’ll be leaving from Burlington at 8am on Saturday 2/16, and leaving after the rally on Sunday and arriving very early Monday morning.